It's Cheesemaking, Without The BS

"Over the years, we have tried many many cheese recipes...and failed just as many times. It wasn't until we tried Kate's recipes that we were able to consistently make high-quality cheese for our family in a way that doesn't being chained to the cheese pot. I can't recommend her recipes highly enough."

-Kat G

Just Take Me To the Check Out!

Picture this- a fridge full of aged cheeses. Need some gouda for a cheese plate? Asiago for your Caesar salad? They're waiting for you, ready for your enjoyment. The best part? You made them yourself. 


"The first time I made Kate's Gouda, my husband told me it was one of the best cheeses I've made (and I've been making cheese for years)."

-Emily G.

I wanna make my own cheese, please!

What may feel like an unrealistic dream is not. 

It's closer than you think.

You're going to make cheese and you don't need a special 'cheese cave' to do so.

You're going to age them in hands-off ways conducive to your busy life.

You're going to be eating your own amazing aged cheese in just 6 weeks.

You're going to permanently cross cheese off the grocery list.


The thing is, everyone has a different method, a different technique, and you don’t know who to trust. I thought I could google my way through figuring out all of the above but when I came across conflicting advice, I felt stuck. 

Maybe you feel the same way?

Cheese Advice You Can Trust
"I thought cheesemaking was going to be this really complex and hard thing to achieve. After watching your videos from the insiders and reading the recipes, realizing I didn't even need to order special cultures online I decided to go for it. It has actually been a very simple process. I've read recipes from other people, and am in several cheesemaking fb groups. They all make things seem quite complicated. Your recipes are definitely no BS and make it achievable for a busy homesteader to make cheese!"
-Breanna H


I'd look at these recipes and think...who has the mental bandwidth to tackle a recipe that complicated?

As is my signature move, I streamlined where possible. I skipped the messy waxing or fussy washed rinds. How could I make all the cheese we wanted to eat? 

How could I do it while homeschooling, working from home, gardening, while still enjoying life!?

This course is the answer to that question.

It's Cheesemaking, Without the BS. 

Let's get YOU making cheese 💪🏻
"I use your gouda and asiago recipes all the time! Your instructions take the confusion out of cheesemaking. I don't have to be super scientific to make good cheese. While watching your instructions, it's like someone is in the kitchen holding my hand through the process!"
-Hayley H.