Intuitive Sourdough Baking

How to excel at sourdough without scales, a stand mixer or even a set recipe. Learn to bake by feel, using a recipe as a guideline, not your master.

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Who its for:

  • It’s for the baker who is a rebel and doesn't like following rules.
  • The person who doesn't like being told what to do.
  • The baker who cooks by feel and wants to bake that way but doesn't know how.
  • For the person who thinks they shouldn't need a digital scale or a fancy mixer or baskets to bake bread in a style thats been around longer than cars, let alone digital scales…
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by the end of intuitive sourdough baking

You'll learn:

A solid knowledge of how to manipulate timelines.

A good feel for what bread dough should feel like, without needing a scale.

A grasp on how to create your own recipe.

How to bake really delicious bread in your kitchen.


Hi, I'm Kate Schat of Venison for Dinner

I've been making 99% of our families bread products since 2012. I'd look at these recipes and think... who has the mental bandwidth to tackle a recipe that complicated?

As is my signature move, I streamlined where possible. I skipped the scale and fussy steps. I pushed limits to know what I can and cant get away with doing. 

And after being asked over and over- I finally brought that out of my head onto paper. 

Why you should learn intuitive sourdough baking

I think one of my favourite parts about baking your own bread is its a way you can ‘step away’ from being reliant on the grocery store…no matter where you live!

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What's included

Your Sourdough Starter

How to Start, Revive and Care for a Sourdough Starter- like Ma Ingalls would. 

  • Grow Your Own Sourdough Starter
  • Caring for a Sourdough Starter
  • Reviving a Sourdough Starter

Your Basic Dough

Your formula to guide you through making any dough you want- without a recipe as your master.

  • My Formula for Baking Without a Recipe

The Purpose of Ingredients

Why does flour matter? What do fat and sugar do? Learn it all here.

  • Ingredient Basics
  • Enriching Your Dough
  • Things That Add Or Soak Up Moisture


Shaping Your Dough

How to do free form, loaf pan, buns, doughnuts and more!

  • All About Shaping
  • Let's Make Donuts
  • Banneton or Loaf Pan?

Baking Your Dough

How to bake different shapes and sizes of breads.

  • Ready to Bake

Making It Work For You

Customize your current recipes and make it fit to your timeline and preferences.

  • Using Temperature to Adjust Timelines
  • How to Control How Sour It Is


Whole Grain Sourdough

Using fresh ground wheat and other grains in your baking.

  • Why I Got Into Fresh Ground Wheat
  • How Do Different Flours Behave?
  • 100% Fresh Ground Wheat Sourdough Bread
  • 100% Fresh Ground Flour Multigrain Loaf

Customizing Family Favourites

Desserts and snacks, and more, oh my!

  • Long Fermenting Any Sourdough Discard Recipe
  • Crafting Your Own Sourdough Discard Recipe
  • How to Make Your Favourite Yeasted Bread, Sourdough

Troubleshooting Common Failures

How to save things from being chicken food...

  • Oh No! My Loaf Over Rose!
  • Why is My Bread so DENSE?!
  • What Can I Do With Bread That Didn't Turn Out?
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Companion E-book & Blank Recipe PDF's

For those who love paper resources. I'm including a 170 page companion E-book (I can't do anything half-way) & Blank Printable Recipe PDF's

These are the perfect compliment to the step-by-step photos and videos in the course. Print them out and reference in your kitchen as your baking. You'll learn to bake by your intuition but I'm throwing in over 40+ of my tried and true sourdough recipes too!

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My No BS Promise

We're confident that you'll love Intuitive Sourdough Baking, but we understand that sometimes things don't work out as expected. That's why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the course, simply reach out to our support team within the first seven days of your purchase, and we'll refund your investment, no questions asked. We're committed to helping you learn the easiest way to make cheese without the unnecessary fluff, and we believe in the value of our content. Join us risk-free today!

  • Your Sourdough Starter
  • Your Basic Dough
  • The Purpose of Ingredients
  • Shaping Your Dough
  • Baking Your Dough
  • Making It Work For You
  • Whole Grain Sourdough
  • Customizing Family Favourites
  • Troubleshooting Common Failures
  • BONUS: Companion E-book, Printable Recipes, & Blank Recipe PDF's

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